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Oath-taking for Volunteers at the Qingdao Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Events



On the morning of July 29, Qingdao volunteers for the Olympic and Paralympic sailing events attended an oath-taking ceremony at Qingdao University Theater. The event brought everyone one step closer to full readiness for the start of the Olympics: volunteers started thinking and practicing their welcoming smiles, ready for the Olympic and Paralympic sailing events. The oath-taking was attended by over one thousand representatives of the Olympic, city and community volunteers, along with Yan Qijun, Qingdao Party secretary and Shandong CPC committee member; Xia Geng, deputy Party secretary, mayor of Shandong and chair of the Olympic sailing committee; Zang Aimin, member of the city Party committee, director of the United Front Work Department and deputy chair of the Olympic sailing committee; Zhang Hui, member of the city Party committee, deputy mayor and director of the Olympic sailing volunteers; Luan Jingqiu, deputy director of the Qingdao People's Congress Committee; and Qie Jinsheng, deputy director of the Qingdao PPCC. Comrade Yan Qijun raised the flag for the volunteers. Xia Geng addressed the meeting, and said that he hoped every volunteer would do their duty and complete their tasks with care and enthusiasm, and that they would give their all to this very honorable mission. Xia Geng said that the Olympics is one of the world's great sporting events, but it is also a great volunteering event. A team of hardworking volunteers providing excellent services is a vital part of running a successful Olympics. All the Qingdao volunteers should that they have taken on a great responsibility. They should see serving the Olympics as a sacred mission. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it is an opportunity to live one's own values. With our thoughtful service, with our honest smiles, with our quality, we should shout loud and proud our anthem: "Olympic volunteers, the smiling face of the city"! Xia Geng hoped that the volunteers would think carefully about how they represented the city and themselves. They should think about every detail, and work closely together, carefully following the volunteering rules. They should attack their work with passion and integrity, sing the Olympic volunteer anthem, and do their part to create special, successful Olympic and Paralympic sailing events. That would bring honor to their country and fizz to the Olympic movement.

On April 22, 2008, Haier signed an agreement with the Qingdao Olympic Committee, and Zang Aimin authorized Haier as the exclusive corporate partner of the Qingdao Olympic sailing volunteers. Volunteer service marquees and volunteers wearing uniforms provided by Haier will fill the city throughout the Olympic sailing events, at May 4th Square, the airport, Zhan Qiao, Zhongshan Park, Music Square, Huiquan Square, the Olympic Sailing Village, Beer City, Times Square, Taitung Pedestrian Street, the railway station, Sifang coach station, and many more places. During August, Qingdao will become a real Haier city.

Since Haier was named the only domestic appliance industry sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, Haier has supported the Games as an Olympic host should. The only corporate partner of the Olympic sailing volunteers in Qingdao, Haier has done everything it can to support the Qingdao volunteers. Together, they will help friends from all over the world to get to know Qingdao and Haier.

At the oath-taking, the volunteers all made a solemn promise. On behalf of all the volunteers, a representative swore to be a supporter of the Olympic spirit, to live the volunteer spirit, and to be a smiling ambassador of the Olympics. The event ended with a rousing rendition of Ode to the Motherland.

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