First Outing for Haier "Green Sail" Volunteers



On March 24, 2012, Haier Green Sail volunteers appeared in Qingdao for the Love Haier Green Inspiration tree planting event. They planted trees next to Binhai Road in Laoshan District, creating a new patch of green for Qingdao.This was the first volunteer event in Haier's Green Sail program. Haier is using the planting of trees as a way to inspire Qingdao residents to play their part in protecting the environment.From the Green Idol recruitment drive to the Green Sail program, Haier has invented a series of new ideas to express its responsibility towards the environment as the world's largest producer of appliances.With this tree planting, Haier is also kicking off a campaign to attract more volunteers in Qingdao. It is calling on Qingdao residents to join in the Green Sail program, and to join Haier in supporting the green life and green action.

Haier Global