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Open Platform and Big Data: Air Box and Air Box Ⅱ

In 2014, Haier Air Box was first released on CES. As China’s first air-controlled personal health smart hardware, Air Box is able to examine indoor air quality and connect air conditioner and air purifier with various appliances. Also as one of the key smart hardware terminals of Haier’s “Smart Air Ecosystem”, Air Box is rapidly iterated through constant user interaction and fully opening its API. At the same time, big data collected can draw an air map of China covering major public indoor places, such as departments, schools, kindergartens, cinemas, hotels and airports, providing you with precise and real-time environmental monitoring and forecast services through high-precision sensor detection. 
In February 2012, the doll idea that made voice message possible through wireless transmission technology was created.
In the latter half of 2012, the drawing of schematic diagram and technical dismantling were started.
In June 2013, micro-team of air circle started to form, deciding to make it a product with Internet characteristics with corresponding App, gesture & voice operation and display screen after MRD and PRD analysis. It was then called “Air Small A”.
In August 2013, the micro-team started to explore R&D technical resources needed in circuit design, mold making, sensor and App. A company in Hangzhou was finally chosen for circuit design recommended by the database of HOPE.
In early October 2013, R&D was started after all technical resources had been ready.
In the end of October 2013, the first prototype was completed.
In December 2013, production iteration and optimization of cellphone App end began. An air experiment was conducted to test the temperature, humidity and PM2.5 in air.
On January 8th, 2014, Air Box was first released on CES 2014, followed by a 2-month optimization period concerning PBC components, mold forming, App, color and other details.
In March 2014, Air Box was officially launched in the market.


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