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Crossing-Cutting Product Idea: Smart Refrigeration Kitchen Ventilator

It took only 4 months from the proposal of user needs to product release. 
Haier Smart Refrigeration Kitchen Ventilator that facilitates cooking in summer was successfully developed in October 2014, which happened only 4 months after users had first discussed their needs on HOPE. Integrating refrigeration technologies, this new products provides users with soft cool air as air conditioners do within a few minutes by applying smart refrigeration & sensing technologies. In this way, people won’t be heavily sweating while cooking in summer, nor is there concern about sunstroke caused by high temperature.
In June 2014, a user complained in HOPE idea community, “It’s really torturing to cook in summer. I always get heavily sweating every time I cook. Since it’s inconvenient to install air conditioner or electric fan, what should I do?” This view resonated with many other users and within in a month, 287 thousand people discussed on “What makes you mad when you cook in summer?”
In August 2014, engineers of Haier Kitchen Appliance R&D Department released needs for relevant technologies. Through label matching and big data technology of HOPE, 7 R&D resources (enterprises and universities included) entered the funnel resources matched.
In September 2014, after negotiation and assessment, R&D teams of two domestic universities were chosen to undertake structural design and supply respectively.
In October 2014, Haier Smart Refrigeration Kitchen Ventilator was successfully developed.


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