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Haier mold card TV

Haier mold card TV is designed with a “smiling face”, fashionable and beautiful. With glossy piano surface treatment, one  step molding technology, multiple color variations, it is very modern and suitable for different interior design styles. 

By providing various open streaming media mode card, it makes the products last longer and no need to use external devices and complex attachment to save resources.
Haier smart TV

Haier intelligent TV dedicated to technical innovation and industrial design for the support of the quality and taste, to make a perfect combination of performance and function. Product design is combined metal material and transparent material together, with an elegant classic pattern underneath. It displays a noble and gentle, delicate and understatement gesture. 

Through the smart TV, people can surf on the line, video chat, play network game, and participate hot topic discussion etc. It enables users to enjoy the first-class networked life experience.

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