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With a Market Share of over 40% Now,How was Casarte Born in the First Place?


The 10,000-square-meter Haier exhibition zone was extremely popular, and one of the star products, the Casarte F+ Refrigerator, attracted many visitors to experience its fantastic effect.

In addition to its distinctive design from the common French and Italian refrigerators, the powerful "cell-level preservation" of the Casarte F+ Refrigerator also acts as its ace card. How does Casarte F+ Refrigerator become an apple of all preservation fans' eyes? Seeing through the stage of AWE 2018, let's explore the reasons behind.


An evaluation led to Haier's original technology

At the exhibition, a visitor commented after experiencing the Casarte refrigerator: "Carsarte refrigerator is the first one I know that could extent the preservation for such a long time." Behind the short evaluation was the user's highest recognition of Haier's original technology —— the MSA technology.

The MSA technology of the Casarte F+ Refrigerator can delay the metabolism of the food cells, delay the oxidation of the food from the roots, and thus achieve the preservation by adjusting the proportion of nitrogen and oxygen content in the internal space of the refrigerator, which is the first time that the global refrigerator preservation had exceeded the three dimensions of temperature, humidity and cleanliness and entered the era of gas-regulation preservation.

It is also because of this original technology, Casarte F+ Refrigerator can bring users a brand-new preservation experience.

Data indicates user acceptance

Relying on the strong preservation edge, MSA technology not only harvested a lot of fans at the AWE 2018, but also got popular all the way in the refrigerator market.

According to the survey data, the series of products equipped with MSA technology were put into market in mid-2017. After the marketing, it has become the best model of the price range of more than 15,000 yuan for 6 consecutive months. The market share in the industry was more than 40%, achieving an absolute leading in the industry.

Behind the satisfying performance is the user's recognition of Haier's products, especially of the MSA technology.

A model reveals the birth of the technology

Leading the world, customer satisfaction, market recognition... So where was the disruptive technology that has been acclaimed by hundreds of thousand people born? The answer is: HOPE open innovation platform.

In the whole-workflow business model, the HOPE team interacted deeply with users both online and offline, and found that many users were not satisfied with the existing refrigerator's preservation effect.

According to this need, HOPE discussed with the technical personnel in the industry, and with the deep analysis of the core mechanism of food preservation, it found the blank spot of the gas atmosphere regulation of the preservation technology of the refrigerator.

Based on the existing technical resources, the HOPE team broke the technical needs with the help of cross-disciplinary expert resources and its own innovative methods accumulated over the years. After locking the feasible technical direction, it began to integrate global resources, only using 2 weeks to successfully connect with 50+ potential technology solution providers.

Through the technical evaluation and verification of the expert team, combined with the characteristics of the refrigerator, the final solution provider was finally determined, and a global leading technology disrupting the refrigerator preservation field was subsequently born.

It is in the whole-workflow business model that HOPE open innovation platform rapidly links global resources, connects users' needs, and innovates disruptive technologies.

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