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"Eco-Brand Research Center" was Established


“Eco-Brand Research Center” was Established

On August 14, Zhou Yunjie, President of Haier Group, went to the headquarters of Xinhua News Agency for the ceremony of the establishment of "Eco-Brand Research Center" and of Haier Group being selected in the National Brand Project of Xinhua News Agency. Liu Zhengrong, deputy director and secretary-general of Xinhua News Agency, Chu Xuejun, director of Xinhua News Agency Information Center, and chief editors of several national media such as Xinhua Daily Telegraph, Reference News, Outlook Weekly, Economic Information Daily, and China Comment attended the ceremony and exchanged views.

At the ceremony, President Zhou said that the brand of the traditional era was the product brand, and the brand of the Internet era is the platform brand. In the era of IoT, Haier Group and Xinhua News Agency jointly launched the "Eco-Brand Research Center", which will use Haier Group as the research object and the main body of innovation practice to jointly study the essential elements, scientific models and practical cases, etc. in the eco-brand construction of enterprises, with the aim of refining the eco-brand construction models with strong reference and replicability, and providing reference and service for innovation development of brands in industries and enterprises.

Tian Shubin, chairman and president of Xinhuanet, said that the concept of "eco-brand" has updated the level of brand competition, indicating the intrinsic drive and new direction of manufacturing upgrading. We will focus on the development strategy of Haier Group to customize the systematic promotion plan and rely on the two major systems of all-media communication and service support in National Brand Project of Xinhua News Agency to provide strong support for Haier Group to further enhance its influence.

In the exclusive interview with Xinhuanet, President Zhou focused on the "core competencies of Haier", "Haier's international branding road", the "Rendanheyi" management model and the theme of "eco-brand" in the IoT era, supported by data and found clues in relevant cases, to made a comprehensive answer to the questions that reporters curious about Haier.

Entering 2018, Haier creatively proposed the concept of "eco-brand" under the background of the IoT, emphasizing the use of digital technology to deeply explore the dynamic needs of customers, connecting third-party resources, and providing comprehensive services beyond the basic driven forces of products. Recently, Haier's "Internet of Food", "Internet of Clothing" and other ecosystems have proposed multi-scene solutions for smart home, which has been appearing with high-frequency. In March of this year, Haier took the lead in releasing 4 smart physical spaces (smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, smart bedroom) and 7 whole-house solutions (whole-house airing, whole-house watering, etc.).

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