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Wine Expert: To create a red wine eco-brand with shared wine cellars


In October 2017, the Wine Expert microenterprise was formally established and has become an independent business ever since. The microenterprise puts the smart wine cellars to the terminal for free, using the wine cellar as a medium to create a co-creating & win-win model. It turns the restaurant and the wine dealer into a community of interests in which they face users and sharing user value together, and thus to create a red wine ecosystem platform that subverts the existing wine industry chain and reshapes the user's value system.

Wine Expert

The initiator of Wine Expert, Zhang Tianpeng, was once engaged in the R&D and market planning of refrigerators, wine cellars, freezers and other products in Haier. His goal was to make the products more intelligent "networked appliances", that is, to make the wine cellar to automatically identify the dry red and the dry white and adjust the temperature and humidity of the cellar in real time, and to make the user be able to control the wine cellar remotely. In 2016, Haier released the world's first IoT wine cellar, with mature IoT intelligent wine cellar technology and a platform connected to the largest Chinese wine label database.

In May last year, during the interaction with users in the XCook microenterprise which had been an open platform back then, Zhang Tianpeng, who had a deep understanding about wine cellars, discovered some new user needs. Most of the user needs are not more professional storage tools. Surprisingly, more of their questions are to ask: Is the import red wine supposed to be so expensive? How to choose a bottle of red wine? What does good quality look like? How to match table wine? What's the healthiest way to drink it? Consumers are eager to genuine, qualified and worthy red wine, and the wine dealers are eager to carry out interactive information communication with users and get trust of them; the catering industry is eager to regulate the chaos in the wine market, so that consumers get both safety and benefits.

After discovering these pain points, coupled with that the platform was encouraging microenterprise-incubation, the Wine Expert team emerged from the Haier platform, Zhang Tianpeng scrambled the order and became a Wine Expert microenterprise owner.

What the Wine Expert wants to do is to build a red wine ecosystem platform that focuses on user experience with intelligent IoT wine cellars as a carrier and let users buy genuine, qualified and worthy wine products, while enjoying the service of wine recognition, wine selection and wine tasting. The platform has solved the fundamental problem of integrity that cannot be addressed in current red wine consumption.

For the customers, they can get the qualified, genuine and worthy red wine through the shared wine cellar, and harvest the personalized customized service of red wine culture that suits your personal preferences and habits, and it offers a great chance to experience the quality-consumption scene.

For the restaurant, the shared wine cellar can bring certain amount of profits. The scientific matching of the high-quality wine service and the restaurant food can increase the stickiness of the restaurant customers and attract the inflow of the red wine user. At the same time, the accumulated consumer data of the system can be used as a service guide to enhance the marketing means.

For wine dealers, smart wine cellars directly connect them to the user end. The user needs and feedback are directly sent to the wine dealers, which is more conducive to purchasing judgment.

Changes brought by the model to the wine dealers are also very noteworthy.

In December last year, a Chinese restaurant in Beijing that installed Wine Expert shared wine cellars had a climax of wine sales, selling nearly 700 bottles of red wine a month, while in the past, because of the high price, few customers were interested.

In the eyes of waiter Liu, the Wine Expert model has brought her considerable extra income. In the past, Liu had a fixed monthly salary of more than 4,000 yuan. Now, she has received a red wine promotion fee of more than 2,000 yuan in one month, and the overall income has increased by 50%.

Changes brought by the model to the wine dealers are also very noteworthy. For the wine dealers with rather modest profits, the past profits are lost in the layers of agents, and now they can directly connect with the terminal users, so the single store revenue has increased significantly. At present, Sinowines, Bao Zhen and other wine dealers have rushed in with their own resources to share and co-create channel resources, traffic resources, product resources, and so on.

The model of maximizing the interests of all stakeholders and sharing benefits gives the Wine Expert microenterprise a great competitive advantage in the industry. With the advancing of the shared wine cellar model, the red wine company is no longer the only one cooperates with the Wine Expert, high-end beer manufacturers have also jumped on the bandwagon; and the Beijing model of Wine Expert shared wine cellars are now replicated to Jinan and other cities.

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