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2018 SINOCES: "Smart Home" of Haier realizes users'good life one-stop customization


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 2018 China International Consumer Electronic Show (SINOCES) themed on "Creating & Sharing of IOT World" kicked off in Qingdao on July 20 -23. More than 160 enterprises from 36 countries and regions including China, USA and Russia have introduced some global innovative smart technologies and cutting-edge development mode. On the achievements briefing launched that afternoon, Haier displayed its latest eco-brand strategic smart home achievements, becoming one of the highlights of the SINOCES.

Three New Products Sets and Four Foreseeable Whole House Solutions Demonstrates Smart Life

On the Haier Smart Home Achievements Briefing themed on "Haier Smart Home Customizing Good Life", three new products sets and four foreseeable whole house solutions of Haier, including smart kitchen, whole house water, whole house air and whole house security, were presented to the attendees.

Specifically, to meet users’ more diversified personal requirements, focusing on the three types of precision community users, Haier has created three smart sets meeting the requirements of high-end single large flats of elites, western-style houses of fashionable upstarts and warm apartments of petty bourgeois respectively, providing more convenience for users.

In addition, the four whole house solutions of smart kitchen, whole house air, whole house water and whole house security provided by Haier have customized good life for users in terms of clothing, food, shelter and entertainment. In Haier complete set "smart home", through Xincook refrigerator, users can buy reassuring ingredients and check the recipe, and can also connect directly with the oven, the range hood and the disinfector to realize baking, smoke stove linkage and automatic disinfection with just one button. In case there are separated rooms for the elderly and children, users can customize different air solutions for each room. Even if the elderly and children are in the same room, the Cullinan air conditioner can also adjust intelligently its blowing mode according to the individual’s requirements in the same condition and blow out a variety of wind at one time. With Haier whole house water solution, users need no more brand hodgepodge, a complete set of water purification equipment including Haier water softener, front filter, pipeline machine and others carrying intelligent functions helps users to realize one-stop  whole house water management. Coupled with the whole house security solution that switches automatically between away-from home mode and at-home mode, users can experience full-scale home security protection and home services.

Three complete sets of capabilities construction and three industry divisions

During this year's AWE, Haier launched the "4+7+N" full-scene customization package to achieve a one-stop solution for whole house intelligence solutions, and to provide the only full-scene customization service in the industry. Now, Haier has again released three new products sets and four foreseeable whole house solutions, including smart kitchen, whole house water, whole house air and whole house security, constantly cementing its leading position as the primary eco-brand of smart home in the Internet of Things.

In fact, with the support of the three capabilities: packaged design, packaged sales, and packaged service, Haier has been different in three aspects:

"It is not about a single smart product, but a whole set of them attained in one time". Currently, most brands are making single smart products, so the customers are not able to complete smart home decoration at one stop, and they can only scrape together a mix of various brands to make a smart home. However, different brands are different in service, style, and their products cannot be interconnected. While Haier's "4+7+N"smart complete set solutions for customization in all scenarios, which are based on the 4 physical spaces of smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bath room, smart bedroom and the 7 whole-apartment solutions including whole-apartment air, whole-apartment water supply, are capable of meeting the requirements for smart life including aspects of air, water supply, food, security, entertainment at one stop from before decoration to after decoration.

"They are not all standardized products, but customized for all scenarios". In the era of the Internet of Things, users have different needs for a better life, which requires enterprises to provide solutions at any time according to the individual needs of users. But in the current smart home area, most products what are being sold are standard. Haier smart home has changed this situation. All the scenarios in the four physical spaces of the entire smart home, as well as the seven full-house solutions such as water, air, sanitation and security in the space, can be customized according to user needs. Based on Haier's 3D cloud design platform, the whole house solution can also be produced with one button.

"It is not about products that are cost-effective, but solutions for better life that can be iterated". Haier believes that in the era of the Internet of Things, users do not purchase as product simply because they need this product, but they also need a solution for a better life. In this case, we cannot meet the user's needs by simply making products. Therefore, Haier's approach is not only to provide hardware, but to be based on U+, so that the network devices can judge by themselves, make decisions by themselves, and provide service by themselves, offering good experience. They even coordinate with resources of concerned parties, forging an ecological system, so as to provide users with complete solutions for food, clothing and entertainment.

On July 20th, The 5 millionth set of smart sets of Haier Smart Home were sold, and the current sales volume has exceeded 5 million sets. At the same time, its 400,000, 590,000, 850,000 and other large orders of have become the norm. In 2018, Haier will build 100 model experience stores in 100 cities including Qingdao and Hangzhou etc., and establish 6,000 smart home experience stores to provide users with purchase service that is visible, buyable and one-stop through the full process. It is foreseeable that under the guidance of the "Rendanheyi" Model, Haier Smart Home will continue to have new products and lead the market of global home appliances.

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