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Haier Launches a nationwide public welfare project of “Better Education+”


Haier Hope Primary Schools

The completion ceremony of the Haier Hope Primary School in Bianyuan Town, Feicheng, Tai’an City

On June 20, Haier launched its nationwide public welfare project of “Better Education+” on the theme of “Better Education: to help children grow more healthily”, and held the completion ceremony of the Haier Hope Primary School in Bianyuan Town, Feicheng, Tai’an City. On the ceremony, the Haier Hope Primary School in Bianyuan Town was unveiled and the Haier Group and the Shandong Provincial Party Committee made a joint donation of 6 million yuan to the Hope Primary School. It is worth mentioning that since 1995, Haier Group has invested over 98 million yuan and built 265 Hope Primary Schools and 1 Hope Middle School, covering 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. Haier Group is the Chinese enterprise which has invested in the most Hope Schools for the Hope Project launched by the Youth League Central Committee. After making the donation to this school, Haier's total investment in Hope Project has exceeded 100 million yuan.With the launch of Beijing Smart School project, Haier also announced the beginning of the nationwide public welfare project of “Better Education+”. It is known that the project focuses on children’s education and explores new models for public welfare in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through “Better Education+,” Haier will provide Haier Hope Primary Schools and many other rural schools across the country with smart education solutions, including “hardware,” “software” and “service,” with an aim of helping rural children grow healthily and letting them share better education.And the sign “+” means to work together with governments, customers, users, media and microenterprises in the Haier ecosystem and other resources to build an open public welfare ecosystem. In the ecosystem, Haier not only practices its own public service, but also influences and connects more ecological resources to promote the development of public service.

An enterprise's responsibility is to make contributions to society

A person responsible for Haier Group said at the scene that smart education solutions provided by “Better Education+” contain healthy drinking water, healthy food, healthy air, Beijing Smart School, etc. Beijing Smart School, which was launched during the ceremony, can be considered as a perfect example. Through “Better Education + Beijing Smart School,” Haier TV will use the model of “one full set + one plan + one platform + a AR library" to provide students with a better education so that they can make full use of their imagination and creativity to explore more in the vast field of technology and art. In addition, other public welfare projects such as “Better Education + Dream Factories,” “Better Education + Teenage Dreamers,” launched by Haier Specialty Stores under Haier Group will also be carried out throughout the country, which  will play an active role in many aspects such as targeting those in need of help and improving the education environment.

Since its establishment, Haier has been actively involved in public welfare undertakings. In recent years, Haier has won dozens of awards issued by authorities, such as the China Charity Award, the Special Contribution Award for the Hope Project, the Aixin China Award, the Top 10 Public Welfare Groups Award and the Most Caring Enterprise. At the same time, Haier has also been working closely with the United Nations Children’s Fund to implement the project of learning social emotions in Sanjiang County of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nayong County of Guizhou Province and Zhong County of Chongqing Municipality  to provide care for the educational and mental health problems of left-behind children.

In fact, Haier has always been adhering to the concept that “an enterprise's responsibility is to make contributions to society” and extending the spirit of “everlasting sincerity” from the market behavior to social responsibility. In the era of the Internet of Things, Haier’s concept of social responsibility has gradually expanded to the building of a co-creation & win-win ecosystem with “Building a Credible Ecosystem and Sharing Platforms” as the core, which also upgrades its own public welfare model from the traditional model of only providing material support to the IoT model featuring multi-sided participation and community ecosystems.

By using the IoT and relying on Haier’s public welfare ecosystem of co-creation and win-win, Haier turns all relevant parties to contact points in the IoT community and provides all-process and full-chain resource service and education solutions to children's education. It can be said that in our pursuit of a better life in the new era, the IoT public welfare model practiced by Haier revolutionizes user experience by taking users as the core and directs all social resources to public welfare undertakings. We believe that in the IoT era the enterprise will connect all things, replace transactions with interaction and substitute brand competition with brand sharing; Haier’s IoT public welfare model will turn an ecological brand into an ecological public welfare brand and enable more underprivileged children to receive “Better Education” in the co-creation and win-win situation for multiple parties and then pursue a “Better Life.”


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