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HTEC-Haier Strategic Cooperation on Healthcare Technology


February 6, Qingdao, China--Today, a strategic cooperation framework agreement was reached between Haier and Healthcare Technology Exploration Center, to establish HTEC-Haier Center, focusing on healthcare innovation. The plan would include a R&D center in Boston.  
Led by the Harvard International Healthcare Innovation Professor Dr. John Halamka, the Healthcare Technology Exploration Center at BIDMC, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, view this partnership as a great pilot to work with Chinese enterprises with global vision.  
 Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Haier Group, compared the relationship between the aircraft and the airport with a metaphor for the cooperation. He said that HTEC has the world's most developed technology, which can be compared to the aircraft, and Haier through its innovative practice in the IoT era, has accumulated a huge user community, which can be seen as the airport; the aircraft needs the airport to land safe, so the cooperation between the two parties can be described as perfect match.

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