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Dialogue between Fortune magazine and Zhang Ruimin


7 December, Guangzhou China--On December 7, Fortune Global Forum opened in Guangzhou. Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Haier Group, was invited to attend. With the theme of "Openness and Innovation: Shaping the Global Economy", this forum focuses on the two major themes of globalization and digitization. In the  "CEO Leadership: Building Winning Companies" session, CEO Zhang Ruimin was interviewed by Alan Murray, Chief Content Officer of Time Inc and editor in chief of Fortune magazine.
      In this session, CEOs were expected to share personal stories and insights on how to lead successful companies in an era of unprecedented disruption.What will a great 21st-century company look like and what will it take to lead one? How can executives drive innovation, create winning corporate cultures, and navigate all the changes that come with a fast-paced consumer and tech-driven world? Zhang Ruimin talked about leadership for the new age, M&A with GEA, microenterprise innovation, entrepreneurial ownership and management model for the IoT era, through which to share his insights on how to successfully lead the business in an unprecedented new environment and era.
      Alan Murray was impressed with Zhang Ruimin's words that Haier smashed the refrigerators in the 1980s,  and now again smash the organization. He also expressed his wish to invite Haier. Late in the session, a foreign gentleman who once met Zhang Ruimin two decades ago, expressed his feeling. "Twenty years ago, you proposed to change the corporate culture and now you really make it. Your vision was incredible two decades back."

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