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Casarte Solid-State Refrigeration Wine Cabinet Conquers Take Lead in International Competition


The 24th Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (referred to as CMB) was inaugurated on May 5. Wenjue Microenterprise has been invited to bring the Casarte solid-state refrigeration wine cabinet to attend.

During CMB, the "pencil house" firmly standing on the wine cabinet which had zero-vibration effect, attracted Baudouin Havaux, the director of CMB. He came specially to Casarte wine cabinet and tried to figure out if the pencil was glued to the cabinet. Then, Mr. Haver mischievously blew down all pencils, which won full applause for the cabinet and impressed the judges with its perfect performance.

With the witness of more than 300 authoritative experts from all over the world, Baudouin Havaux, director of CMB, formally announced that Casarte solid-state refrigeration wine cabinet won the honor of the only designated show wine cabinet in "the 24th CMB" in 2017, and issued certificate to Bian Wei, who stood for WenJue Microenterprise.

The competition gave Bian Wei great inspiration. In the past, he thought that he need to build a wine community. However, in fact, wine community is always there, which is just not be fully made use of. The CMB has set up a bridge between Bian Wei and other world-class wine masters. "In the next step, with the help of over 300 world-class wine masters, we will get access to global wine users, fully excavate user requirements, and constantly endow them with extra user value. ” Bian Wei said.

Thomas Brandl, CEO of CMB, appreciated the outstanding performance of Casarte solid-state refrigeration wine cabinet, which he quoted as "a big surprise for CMB". And for Bian Wei, he also achieved a surprise as hundreds of orders were made on CMB.

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