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Siemens executives: COSMOPlat offers future solutions


Haier, as the ZZJYT model of "Made in China 2025" and the first representative of China's household appliance industry, attended Hannover Messe 2017, the world's largest and widely received industrial exhibition, on April 24, local time in Germany. Its appearance attracted attention of nearly 7,000 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions globally.

Haier issued an original and world-leading industrial internet platform-COSMOPlat Mass Customization Solutions, and on-site Inter-connected Factory Model Line, including seven work stations and 13 nodes, i.e. intellectual matching, inflexible assembly, users customization and so on to restore the user-centered and end-to-end intelligent manufacturing system.

 In the exhibition, executives from Siemens, Phoenix, Omron and some other companies witnesses the whole process of Haier COSMOPlat Mass Customization Solution: After making requests for customization by logging in Haier Customization Platform on the PAD, the order is immediately generated and the factory intelligent manufacturing system will automatically arrange production and transfer the information to every production line. Within a few minutes, a refrigerator model with its signature will appear in front of us.

Mr. Thunberg, CEO of Phoenix Company said that it is the future tendency for Haier to combine intelligent technology, intelligent factory and single user together and Haier has always been staying ahead in this area. Manager of Automation Division in German SIEMENS Digital Group said, "The idea presented by Haier COSMOPlat is very interesting, in which the intelligent factory can customize products according to the needs of customers. I believe it will be the solution to lead the future in the world. ”

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