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Reducing 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions, Haier central air-conditioning system has become the main force of energy conservation and emissions reduction.


"2017 Application Experience Exchanging Meeting of Energy-Saving Technology on Public Buildings" was held in Chongqing On March 30, hosted by the Development Center of Science and Technology and Industrialization under the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development. The meeting was undertaken by Haier central air-conditioning.


The theme of this session is "To Build a Green China through Energy Saving and Emission Reduction". A number of key cities have played exemplary roles in the reconstruction of public buildings by reducing energy consumption, among which, Qingdao ranked the first in terms of completion rate of 59.9% among the second batch of key cities. With its energy-saving and efficient renovation proposals, Haier have constructed nearly a thousand model works from government public buildings, commercial real estates, to hotels and hospitals in the national system of the public building reconstruction and its energy consumption reducing.


In terms of energy saving and environment protection, the heat exchange efficiency of the Haier maglev central air conditioner is improved by more than 15% with a maximum energy saving effect of 50%. An environment-friendly refrigerant is used in the unit, which is nearly completely harmless to the ozone layer. While in the operation and maintenance, an intelligent Cloud Service Platform is embedded in the Haier maglev central air conditioner to realize the mutual interaction between human and computer or machine and machine. The unmanned engine room, which realizes the one-button control with no personnel required and could monitor the operation of the air conditioner 24 hours real-time. The room is maintenance-free and aging-free for 30 years. The maglev unmanned control system makes our most energy-saving products in the world more intelligent through the platform of cloud service, cloud research and cloud manufacturing.


Data shows that Haier maglev central air conditioners have made great contributions in 2016 to the promotion of green building transformation, energy saving and emission reduction by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 30 thousand tons and reducing energy costs by over 58 million yuan for enterprises.

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