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Be with You Once and for All— Haier International Users Management System


China— Recently Haier has issued its International Users Management System, which is initiated in the home appliances industry.

Through the smart interconnected things, users and the whole family can be identified with digital labels, which will be accumulated to the core database of the system. Communication between human and the products, users and the system lasts for all the time and users will be taken good care of from the very beginning that he/ she touches the equipment. Hence once you’ve got some certain smart equipment of Haier, it will always be on your side.

The International Users Management System has distinct multilateral effects. For users, it is convenient, friendly and smart and it provides colorful alternatives in their daily lives. Also it enables manufacturing brands to know daily usage habits and expectations of the customers so that companies can provide more detailed smart life solutions to their users. As for the industry, conventionally customers are users, experiences refer to products and services just mean after-sale services. This system shows more as a new operation model in the international era.

Presently the big data is widely used in the production and people’s lives while the precision marketing mostly benefits. For Haier International Users Management System, the big data is used to build the U+ Smart Life Opening platform to incubate more products and services for users.

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