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Haier Computers Provides 200k Laptops to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Youth Programme


Pakistan Highly-rated in terms of quality and suitability for educational applications, 150,000 Haier laptops manufactured locally at the company’s Pakistan factory have just been distributed to students in Pakistani schools across the country. As of the date of publication, all of the locally-manufactured laptops slated for phase II of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Youth Programme had been delivered.


Pakistan’s Prime Minister Youth Programme was established to improve students’ ability to use digital technology and develop information industry education throughout the country by providing outstanding college students with a laptop.


By virtue of the laptops’ excellent quality, fashionable design, efficiency and good after sales services, Haier Computers received a further bid for another 200,000 laptops in August of 2015, following the successful delivery of 100,000 units in 2014. In May of 2016, Haier upgraded their assembly lines to match international standards and set up Pakistan’s first professional laptops manufacturing line. More than 150 workers are employed in the manufacturing facility and all are well-trained by Chinese professionals that have shared their knowledge and experience with their local counterparts. This represents an exciting and promising first step in the localization of laptop manufacturing in Pakistan.


Since opening branch offices and a factory in Pakistan in 2011, Haier has made continuous efforts in the innovation and localization of its products. This has resulted in an exceptional reputation that has only continued to improve over the last 10 years of development. In recent years, Haier Computers has explored the education market and won bids with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Youth Programme twice - important milestones in Haier’s market expansion in Pakistan. Mr. Abdul Khaliq, Pakistan’s Education Director, speaks highly of Haier: “Haier Windows laptops feature educational applications, which enable students to access online libraries of resources at the world's top universities!” This initial foray into the Pakistani education market also served as a successful exploration of the global education market for Haier.

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