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2017 Haier Ecosystem Conference Completed in Haier Group Qingdao HQ


QINGDAO, China – January 14, 2016 – Haier Group’s beautiful Haier University campus hosted what is slated to be one of the most important events in Haier management history. The 2017 Haier Ecosystem Conference and Second Session of the Seventh Haier Group Employee Congress gathered experts, industry leaders, Haier entrepreneurs, and inquisitive media to the seaside city to learn more about Haier’s newest contribution to the discipline of management. Haier CEO and Chairman of the Board Zhang Ruimin provided insight into his innovative and disruptive RenDanHeYi management model. Wharton Business School Professor of Management and Sociology, Marshall Meyer and Professor of Innovation Management at the International Institute for Management (IMD), Bill Fischer were in attendance and expressed both an appreciation for the revolutionary new model and a desire to learn more. Assembled panels of experts and cooperating firms, like Alltech, took to the stage to discuss with the audience their experience and understanding of the future of IoT in fields as influential as finance, real estate, and online commerce. Concluding with a poem from an ancient Chinese scholar, CEO Zhang ushered in a new age and the era of Haier and the IoT.

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