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Haier Interconnected Factory Displays “Intelligent Manufacturing” in Nanjing


JIANGSU, China – December 6th The 1st World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit (WIMS) co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Jiangsu Provincial Government was held at the Nanjing International Expo Center. In addition to gathering well-known domestic and international research institutions, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs to engage in seminars discussing intelligent manufacturing, manufacturers with integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions were invited to showcase their latest results, technologies, and products. As a leading brand in the white goods industry, Haier chairman and CEO Zhang Ruimin was invited as a distinguished guest. Additionally, Haier’s intelligent manufacturing solutions platform, COSMO, was on display at the exhibition, showcasing its full-spectrum intelligent manufacturing, including U+, Haier’s interconnected factory, Haier DIY, Haidayuan, and much more.

Themed “More Cooperation, Smarter Manufacturing”, the exhibition covered an area of 300m². Most exciting, for the first time, Haier demonstrated a “mini” Interconnected Factory to the world, displaying the company’s intelligent manufacturing capabilities inside the factory. This “mini” Interconnected Factory detailed and displayed the entire process of how a Tianbo air conditioner is manufactured. These steps included interacting with users, generating product ideas, releasing individualized orders to the Interconnected Factory (which then pairs the modular parts needed in the order and completes the production process), and culminated with the presentation of the revolutionary Tianbo air conditioner.

Zhang Ruimin, Chairman and CEO of Haier, reviewed the development and results of the past 11 years of Haier’s “individual goal combination”. In his eyes, intelligent manufacturing is more than setting up automatic equipment, building an unmanned factory, or making an individualized product; it means working out a “management model” that adapts to the Internet era. He noted that Haier has been exploring the new “individual goal combination” management model, which is more in-tune with current trends. His speech was very well-received by attendees, including Florian Guldner, VP of ARC US, and Dr. Jan Michael Mrosik, VP of Siemens, who were both very sympathetic to Zhang’s viewpoints. in addition, Li Qiang, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Secretary, also expressed his admiration and support of Haier’s transformation.

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