About Haier


1. Target consumer and insight

The Leader appliances are mainly targeted at young consumers born after 1985 and those who desire an affordable quality lifestyle. 

Their lifestyle
They follow their heart. Complexity and luxury are not their words. How to enjoy the simple and natural life is what they are for.
Their request for home appliances 
The young adults pursue fashion and simple lifestyle and are unwilling to pay for unnecessary functions by providing them appliances perfectly matching their home style.
2. Brand positioning: Fashion Home Appliances Pioneer
Leader is positioned as "fashion home appliances pioneer".
As a brand for household appliances of Haier Group, the Leader brand provides tailor-made household appliances in the Internet age.  Consumers are designers for Leader products, the ones manufactured completely based on consumers’ demands.   
Pragmatism is the design concept adhered to by the Leader electric appliances.  Prior to product design and development, extensive market surveys will be conducted globally, and the Leader appliances are manufactured based on segmented analysis of consumer demand patterns. As a result, Leader products greatly outperform their counterparts under other brands by a number of functions and the overall cost-effectiveness.  Take the Leader refrigerator as an example. This product has a soft freezing function, which enables frozen meat to be cut immediately without unfreezing. In addition, the freezing cabinet is equipped with a handle that makes it easy for users to store or take food.  For the Leader washer, its drain valve may open up to 12 mm so as to meet regional water qualities. Even in case of underground water of poor quality, the drain pipe will not be clogged.   
Excellent quality is the key for the full range of the Leader household appliances to occupy the market.  The Leader refrigerator was initially launched as early as in 1998. Then excellent quality and functional design satisfying consumer demands made it a star in the refrigerator market. Till today, a total of more than 2 million consumers have become its loyal users.  Fueled by its sound reputation among consumers, Haier initiated the Leader brand and expanded it from refrigerators to washers, freezers, air conditioners and color TV sets, covering a full range of appliances, so as to meet consumers’ demands to the greatest extent.   
3. Brand Slogan: Fashion and Leisurely Life
Leader pursues simple and fashion design as well as suitable and quality performance. Leader is committed to building young, fashion, quality and suitable brand essence, and stylish, dynamic and aspiring brand personality.
4. Brand Concept: Aesthetical Balance Between Besign and Performance
design concept: simple, trendy
Design and development of the Leader appliances are fully tailored to users’ needs. Based on integration of global resources by Haier Group and designed by the world’s best engineers from America, the appliances feature more practical functions and are bound to lead the global latest trend!   
performance concept: functional, quality
Leader appliances are manufactured by plants of Haier Group, the nuber-one household appliance producer in the world. More sophisticated processes assure more stable product quality.
5. Brand Culture
essence: youth, fashion, quality, funcion
character: trendy, enegetic, aspirant
6. Brand Milestones
In 1998, Leader brand was first launched  
In 1998, Qingdao Lejia Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded and its brand was named as Leader.  
In 2000, a global R&D team was established for Leader.  
Qingdao Lejia Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. established a global R&D team in America by gathering designers from USA, Germany and Italy, so as to develop contracted appliances based on overseas development needs.    
In 2002, Leader began to export its products to foreign markets.   
Products developed on the basis of overseas consumption characteristics were mainly exported to the mainstream markets in Europe and America, including USA, Germany, Italy and France.   
In 2008, Leader shifted its focus to the domestic market.   
The policy of “encouraging sales of household appliances in rural places” led to accelerated development in rural markets. And Jiale Appliance adjusted its strategy timely to reasonably arrange its internal and external resources. Based on wide consultation with users, the Company developed a series of household appliances that better meet demands from consumers in China.   
In 2010, Qingdao Lejia Electric Appliance was acquired by Ri Ri Shun, and Leader successfully won the bid in the program of “Sales of Household Appliances in Rural Places”.   

The first set of household appliances with users' involvement in the design was launched on the market, and this series has beenwere successfully established as a brand designed entirely for users, the Leader, which then became the private brand of RI Ri Shun.

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