About Haier


Practical Innovation

Creative, Lateral Thinkers, Smart, Advanced, Helpful
Innovating with our customers’ needs firmly in mind, ensuring that our creativity is channeled toward practical and actionable output. Smart, lateral thinking, looking at customers problems from all angles, developing solutions that are unexpected but elegant. Constantly seeking to advance the real life quality of our customers.


Responsible, Caring, Forward Thinking, Purposeful, Committed, Leadership
Being forward-thinking and purposeful, making responsible caring, decisions which take into account society as a whole. Examining our actions in light of how they will affect the sustainability of our world’s resources.


Consumer First

Insightful, Responsive, Sincere, Empathetic, Approachable
Putting our consumer first, realizing that he or she is, when all is said and done, our reason for existence. Listening to the consumer attentively and with sincere respect. Trying to put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes, understand their issues at a visceral level, so that we can be of the most help.


Holistic Solutions

Complete, Integrated, Expertise, Customization, “360°” Thinking
Looking at the world as an interconnected whole where value increasingly comes from integrated solutions, rather than individual products or services. The principle of “360°” thinking, understanding the consumer drivers, decisions and uses of products and services through their entire life-cycle, rather than just at the point-of-sale.


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