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Casarte is an international premium brand fashioned after Italian elegance, and its core product lines include artistic consumer electric appliances and integrated kitchenware.

The brand name “Casarte” is derived from the Italian words “La Casa”, which stands for “Home”, and “Arte” meaning “Art”.  Casarte is thus a combination of both words - “Art of Home”.

There are eight design centres, 28 cooperative research and development institutes (such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc.) and over 300 designers for Casarte worldwide (across 12 countries including Italy, England, Germany, France, America, Japan, China, etc.).  Combining the best in global design and innovation, Casarte uses stainless steel and glass, which are known as “eternal materials”, in the manufacturing of its products.  Casarte has garnered the annual design award from "Business Week" in USA, as well as “Plus X Award”, “IF Design Award” and “Best of the Best Award” in Germany, amongst other worldwide top-tier awards in the design industry.

The line-up of Casarte products cover the following 9 main product types, spanning 39 series and over 380 types of products: refrigerators, cabinets for drinks, air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters, electric kitchenware (exhaust fans, cooking utensils, sterilizing cabinets, baking ovens, steamers, microwave ovens and dishwashers, etc.), small scale electrical household appliances (coffee machines, toasters, blenders/juicers/hand-mixers, cup warmers and electric water heaters, etc.), televisions and integrated kitchen cabinets, etc.  Products from Casarte have already entered nearly one million high-end households.

Living up to the brand slogan “Refined Living”, the design principle for Casarte is to draw inspiration from exquisite living to create everlasting artistic quality.  Every piece of Casarte consumer appliance characterizes artistic living and is dedicated to creating an exquisite life for the urban elite.  

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