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Brand History

The word AQUA originated in Italian, meaning “water”.AQUA was born in Shiga beside Lake Biwa.Lake Biwa is Japan’s largest freshwater lake.Everyone at AQUA from the R&D personnel to ordinary employee, all attach great importance to the cleanness of Lake Biwa, which has become a kind of mission.As exemplified by the electrolyzed water cleaning in 2001 and ozone cleaning in 2006, unique technologies were used while the principle of environmental protection remains the same.
In 2006 AQUA was born.Carrying world’s first unique technologies and functions AQUA emerged at the right moment with the principle of “washing machines that cherish water source”.
AQUA represents the washing machine business of Sanyo Electric.Although AQUA as the washing machine brand of Sanyo Electric existed for only a few years, it represents Sanyo Electric’s over 50 years of glorious history in the washing machine business---.
No.1 in Japan: Created the first jet flow washing machine in 1953.Made the first  washer & dryer in 1966.Created the first self-service coin washing machine in 1971 to promote economic growth of washing machines.
World No.1: Made the first twin-tub washer in 1960.First full-water sensing in 1972.First bath water purification pump in 1995.First ultrasonic washing in 1998.First tilt open drum in 1999.First detergent-free electrolyzed water washing in 2001.
Brand Philosophy
Authentic   Question   Unique   Answer
Solving fundamental issues with unique technologies.
Brand Significance
A brand to continuously make unique home appliances.
Keep expanding the possibilities of housekeeping with landmark functions and designs.
Give the whole family urge to use and be part of the housekeeping.
Meet the expectations of users and beyond with unique perspective and design.
This, is AQUA.
Brand Slogan
Life is Precious.
Life is Precious.
Such a simple truth is often forgotten in the midst of hectic and complicated everyday life.
We always believe that the more uneventful everyday life is the more precious it should be deemed.
For people who cherish everyday of their life.
mmerce as among the first to win “Five Star After-Sale” service certification.

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